Syd Barret 1946-2006

                                        syd barret

Saw a documentry on Pink floyd’s founder memebr Syd Barret on last saturday, pink Floyd’s music was connected with architecture and role of music in architecture was discussed.. syd tried to break the rules of music and went to extremes where he did not even fit into the band Pink Floyd. he became individual entity altogether.

 Pink Floyds music was compared to the indian classical genre where the music is made in progression and is slowly built up from a small scale to intense one at its peak. Unlike most of the western bands music. Pink Floyds music was mush ahead of their time.. they saw music coming from different sources like Light etc.. they generated new possibilities which world then otherwise wouldnt think of.

 The band seperated itself from Syd Barret but still loved him very much and dedicated lot of songs of their future albums to him, He was Kurt Kobain of his era (60’s). It is important to remain within the basic framework of any creative activity, the “Rebel” attitude is in-built part of any creation..but it goes into re-structuring the basic framework most of the time.. thus, inventing new things from old ones. Syd went above all of these and solely did whatever he liked and wanted to do, though he did not fit into the bands future or the society around him, his ideas always had strong impact on future works of “Pink floyd” and his absence was always felty by rest of the band and it’s followers…

Syd died on 7th July 2006.. may his soul rest in peace forever.

“Shine on you crazy diamond, Shine on you!”


~ by Dharmesh on August 29, 2006.

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