Floods in north india..

Floods have spread almost in whole of northern india with excess rainfall.. even in states which had rarely witnessed floods in their history, like Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir etc.. floods are affecting daily life of everyone in north india, as of now, following states have suffered the damage caused by floods.. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. India has to seriously re-think over the management of natural disasters and find out solutions to reduce effects of these calamities, effective warning systems are on the priority list.

 This year is a lesson… the future might be worse.



~ by Dharmesh on September 2, 2006.

4 Responses to “Floods in north india..”

  1. Right you are. After surat, not it is the turn of north India’s surat(face) to change. For a country like India, there should be a disaster management ministry or something. As it is governence is a disaster in our country.

    Misfortune comes in droves it is said. True for us in recent times.

  2. one thing though. Why is it that over the last few years, it either rains a lot less, or a lot lot more. have we screwed up our weather patterns?

    Recently, years of regular and normal rains have been rare, does anyone agree?

  3. i agree with hiren and silkboard… we have screwed up our weather badly with our unthought invations over natural resources and even using them as we wish, without thinking about future.

    we have not got this all in heredity from our ancestors but we have borrowed from our future generations.

  4. tsunami, katrina… the huge fluctuations in weather are worldwide. if this is the result of the actions of previous generations, i shudder to think what we are leaving for a few generations ahead.

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