Religious Madness…

Its the day to say good bye to Lord Ganesha and request him to come sooner next year, in the evening i had just gone for my routin walk at nearby garden… processions were passing by with loud music being played and crackers being exploded in front of the ganesh idol… Quite usual scenario, seen almost everywhere in india at any kind of festival.

Knowingly or Unknowingly people tend to give name to all this as religios belief, if there is any festival, crackers have to exist… no matter how much they fuck your already fucked air of Mumbai, if you cant breath, if it hurts you, if its problamatic for infants, old age people…. It really doesnt matter, Its religion, and it has to be this way only. No matter how much ever educated we are, how much advanced we are getting, we tend to forget basic issues and go mad in name of religion.

The air today here in mumbai is not breathable… its smoke everywhere around here, it suffocates and it sucks, its not even diwali but still i get the feel of diwali today. If restrictions are being imposed on Sound pollution then why not on Un-necessary and purposely done air pollution by crackers ???? Cant we ban crackers? adding to the fact that we have already got so much of pollution with our vehicles. Does this air only belong to those who ignite crackers and celebrate religious festivals with their madness? What does a cracker symbolize anyway, dont we know what does the “bomb” do to us?

 Thumbs down to Crackers..

Thumbs down to religious madness


~ by Dharmesh on September 6, 2006.

One Response to “Religious Madness…”

  1. But….my inner child needs crackers,even though my adult
    mind knows….

    a few things!
    Ban the autorickshaw instead

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