saddam gets death…

saddam hussain gets death sentence by iraqi court, the verdict was as expected by all,  but at the same time it is also obvious that USA has played a background role for this verdict to come, whatever saddam did was not justified, but larger crimes have been commited by the Bush administration. Hanging saddam will trigger series of events to come in future..  there is big question behind credibility of the iraqi court which is highly influenced by USA, this trial seems quite similar to what British used to do in india for indian freedom fighters, but in the end truth will prevail and the criminals will get their penalties, let it be either saddam or bush.


~ by Dharmesh on November 5, 2006.

One Response to “saddam gets death…”

  1. Finally the farce in the name of this trial which had been going on for so long comes to an end. There have been very few trials where everyone in the world knew the outcome even before the so called “fair” trial started. Its disgusting.

    The US goes on an on about Saddam gassing the Kurds. Tell me which American was put on trial for bombing and gassing the Vietnamese.

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