riots in mumbai

well.. yet another politically motivated riot in mumbai and some other parts of maharashtra, apparently the only thing i can say is that the people who were behind such menace…. are nothing less than TERRORISTS, burning a train, stone pelting, forcing the entire city to paralyse and shut down, making lives of common man worse by stopping the trains, buses and auto rickshaws…. all this madness just because of one fucking statue being damaged !

i consider these rioters and the political parties behind these riots not less than those groups situated in kashmir, pakistan or elsewhere.. guys, if you have little time in your lives then better take advantages of the fucked up reservation systems offered by government and try to get educated atleast rather than doing such foolish and useless demonstations.

 one more suggestion : all the statues of dead politicians anywhere in india should be taken off and they should be banned… they are better in history books than on streets !


~ by Dharmesh on November 30, 2006.

One Response to “riots in mumbai”

  1. Actually, some people are speculating it as a move against current maharashtra cm Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh, who is engaged in a trade fair organized at Singapore. The road show of cm was primarily to attract more investors in mumbai and make it asias financial capital. However, some miscreants made an issue out of a very minor incident, primarily to harm mr Vilasrao and spoil mumbais image in front of the world.

    It was very sade to find Deccan Queen being set on fire. Crores of rupees gone wasted.

    When will this nasty politics end?

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