Saddam dead



Saddam’s execution was certain, but it seemed an act of revenge, his death is not a milestone reached in the war over iraq, but an un-justified attempt by US led forces to prove themselves right and the most powerful. It was war not for anything else but “OIL”, i am very sure the US army would stay in iraq for many more years to come, again acting like a godfather to people of iraq.

US believed that saddam has weapons of mass distruction, which they never found.. the fact is that they themselves had what they were searching for. Bush and Blair are the ones responsible for messing up with asia, this mess would turn this world more hostile, even more worst place than now. Actions are bound to have opposite reactions.. and US can not defy this rule. Fucking each others lives is not going to lead us to some peaceful wonderland, but we all are digging our own graves.

vietnam, afghanistan, iraq.. all got victimised.. now the focus is on iran and south korea… i dont expect to see any change in the behaviour of leaders who fight this so called “war against terrorism” , that is just name.. it is infact a war to gain oil and power… saddam was just a pawn in this large one-sided game.

May his soul rest in peace… … …


~ by Dharmesh on December 31, 2006.

One Response to “Saddam dead”

  1. Exactly that is what I thought of . The trial was farce . US, the puppet master, pulled the strings and sat in the audience applauding the trial.

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