D H A R A V I, originally uploaded by d ha rm e sh.

Somewhere in the lanes of asia’s largest slum.. a man sat still and quiet, thinking and wondering.. being numb. He found a place to be inbetween hundreds of wet mud pots getting dried in the partial sunlight. smoke came fying through the lane ahead.. burning the young man’s eyes and lungs. the wall said.. “har nirman ki jaan.. birla plus cement”, quite ironical saying at the place which is birthplace for millions of mudpots.. made not only with mud but with people’s will, sweat and hours of sunlight… the young man wonders, will these blitzkrieg of concrete will sweep through dharavi one day soon??? is it not some un-natural and wicked fight between the mud and the man-made concrete? will concrete save him or will it act a silent killer? slowly and gradually injecting itself onto the urban surface.. peoples mind and over the mud ?? the wall kept gazing at him… the smoke kept burning him, the pots got partially dried and he sat numb.. wondering, thinking, quiet and still.. somewhere in the lanes of asia’s largest slums.


~ by Dharmesh on January 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “D H A R A V I”

  1. Dharmesh, thank you for sharing the photograph and the description. I truly enjoyed both elements of this specific piece. Adagio.

  2. Great image, great description. The colours and the emotion in this shot are great.

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