virginia killings…

it was very unfortunate event.. i feel sad for minal and all other 33 people who got killed in virginia, the grief is same when you come to know a terrorist killing hundreds of people by blast, but this time the killer wasnt a terrorist, he was very much part of the same society till the momemnt he pulled the trigger..

i would see cho seung-hui ( the killer ) as a “virus” a kind of social virus, who would forcibly enter and mutate the structure of society, he sent across his message to the world firstly by his killing and then by letting world know about his cause, i.e. the tape which he recorded, if you read his words carefully, you will come to know that his problem wasnt new and could have been resolved before he took such drastic step, the “extreme” can never be one… there are always two extreme points.. and they co-exist. seung-hui was also at extreme opposite end of the filthy rich american culture, he suffered pain.. and some how everyone miserably failed to read him. his words are enough to inspire a whole new generation of such mutating viruses, but at the same time its a message for rest of us to learn something out of it.. it happened in US but days can not be so far when you will hear something like this happening in india.. so i guess apart from praying for those who lost life, on individual level we must think why such situations arise, somewhere in our life do we also humiliate someone? knowingly or unknowingly.. do we position someone on opposite extreme?? which may lead to disaster like this..

i dont think posting condolences on the victim’s scrapbook will give peace to his/her soul unless we are able to prevent such viruses to spread across…


~ by Dharmesh on April 19, 2007.

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