M.Arch. project updates ( ideas )

part 1-

-idea of everyday objects, parts of our bodies, traces which animals leave behind through their activities as a process of fossilization. i started with couple of experiments with rigorously planting graphite ( the charcoal pencil ) strokes on paper and multiple layers of them till paper looses its frictional quality and hold no more carbon on its surface.

– second part of the experiment was to plant parts of human body within the drawing, ie hair, finger nails etc. ( as they are proteins and biologically active materials )

– third drawing started with idea of using burnt remains of the paper itself to draw and layer materials in structured manner.

after this phase tutors suggested that idea of generating forms using “body materials” was interesting if they were forced to take up new forms which are naturally not seen/found. but again there was a thought how would that happen and what can be my actual experiment? how should i tackle with body materials and how to play with them as they are already chemically and biologically complex, which leaves option of transforming their physical state. i decided to hold the process for a moment and think of new ideas by studying minerals.

part 2-

– i became curious to think and ask that can “non physical body parts” become fossilized?  like memory, speech, thoughts, vision etc..
– can protocells read inputs from factors like temperature, pressure, wind patterns, humidity, chemical changes of human body ( ie  changes which are result of the above mentioned activities ) and use this as database to react and generate mineral residues?
– can particular arrangement of these mineral residues be read a language? or rather to re-create the situation because of which they exist?

after the second phase of ideas with tutors, they suggested me that i should bifurcate the metaphysical questions of memory, thoughts, beliefs etc and the raw chemical/ material processes of depositing minerals ( in my case the charcoal pencil as carbon+lead ) and understand in what possible ways it can get deposited?  spend time to both the processes and then find possible interlinks.


~ by Dharmesh on November 18, 2009.

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