life and death… light and darkness…

got involved into an interesting conversation about light, darkness, being alive, becoming dead.. , bits of the conversation with photographer alan jaras are here…


“The idea of light as a transit medium between ‘life’ and ‘death’  I think can be extended beyond this stage of existence. For example one could argue that birth itself is a journey into the ‘light’ for the physical body whereas ‘death’ is the next stage from the confines of the body to be absorbed into the pure energy state at a different level. Whether this is the ‘soul’, some other spiritual form or something the human mind cannot comprehend is a matter for personal belief. So, what I really am saying is the term ‘dead’ is perhaps limited to the physical world whereas ‘alive’ and ‘not alive’ can extend into a much wider debate. The medical definition of ‘death’ as the ‘cessation of life’ is still uncertain…”

some of alan’s works and interviws are in the links


~ by Dharmesh on December 1, 2009.

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