before the term 1 end crit..

things to do.. ( to be updated)

-my project is about…( carbon fixing architecture which has a symbiotic relationship with the environment and its changes)

-site… (deccan plateau of southern central india.. basalt bed, alluvium, focused point ? more than one location??)

-properties of the plateau, parallel ideas of seaweed producing alginates… ion exchange reaction)

swapping of the inorganic ions with organic ions, creating situations for the ion exchange to take place. seaweed farming above the bed or getting the chemicals through pipes.. connecting with sea.

-resultant materials, Biomorphic rocks.. crystallization of the MgCO3, forms  of MgCO3 and possible applications. compressed, layered, powdered?? using silica gel as a bonding material which initiates the larger growth of MgCO3 , trapping it in the layers. hardening of the residue.

– architectural possibility.. site of seaweed farming and relationship with the surrounding urban area, transportation of the material to the urban sprawl.. iridescent, white and shining.. possible applications on existing architecture. voids, cuts, negative spaces generated in the basalt bed.   how does the lake react with the sprawl over a period of time.. how does human interaction alter the biochemical reaction process at the lake.

-schematic drawings of the lake, aerial map of the lake/site with 3-4 timelined changes.

-present state of the work, progress and possible directions .. ie archietcture, cities, void spaces.

-diagram explaining the procedure.


~ by Dharmesh on December 11, 2009.

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