Crossbreeding, Haunted time, Superman and Expressionist films

this is a brief compilation of many ideas, thoughts, talks and inspirations that have occurred over past couple of weeks…

Aims of the project,

  • Questioning “oil-based” growth model using films, projecting consequences in time.
  • Using lakes and existing archaeological ruins as test sites to speculate larger implications.
  • Allowing liquid based protocells to take shape of “containing volumes” to construct semi-living blocks of architecture. (fossils of liquid living materials as solid materials)
  • “Re-incarnating” the ruins, strategically dispatching protocells to “re-map” growth of architecture and city.
  • Speculating post-protocell spatial possibilities. Crossbreeding culture+biology+architecture.

the above results into a condition of overlapping relationships of three plateaus of culture, biology and architecture, the project has to test their inter-relationship and use the first two layers to influence/ alter idea of architectural proposition. few of the later thoughts are triggered after peter eisenman lecture at AA ( lateness and crisis or modernity ), which questioned the current strands of approach towards architecture of future, ie eco-centric and parametric. Eisenman argued the “extreme capitalism” driven architecture of today can no longer adapt to situations of tomorrow and the answer lies in none of the existing strands of academia. perhaps this is not the “zeitgeist” period but there is more of haunting spirit indicating presence of a new reality around us which has potential to alter the way we think and behave with our surroundings ( notion similar to pre-world war1 time, as in the film “the white ribbon” 2009 )

few of the following discussions and talks hovered around thoughts of  neitzche’s “Superman”,and talk of telescopic evolution from movie “Waking life” 2001, every human being aspiring to become a super human during his/her own life term and perhaps this is the new evolutionary desire, if history took millions of years to reach to a point in 20th century, the 20th century took less than 100 years to proportionately elevate itself to higher grounds, may be 21st would take decades, if this assumption stays valid life and surroundings will alter at higher speeds than we have seen so far.

this brings me to explore the expressionist films produced during era of political, economical and social turbulence before and after the two world wars,  namely “Noir” films during 1940-1950. what interests me especially is the representational techniques of cinema to reveal the “haunted spirit” of the era. to study the spaces within the movies with applying filters of biological experiments of today, using the noir films as a cultural driving force of the project linking the common points within time-scape…

( to be continued…)


~ by Dharmesh on February 10, 2010.

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