Reincarnating the ruins

– Reincarnating the ruins of architecture using carbon fixing and chemical codes.
– Cultivating seaweed lakes on Deccan plateau of India to digest the carbon dioxide and trapping it in form of magnesium carbonate
– Using 7th century Buddhist rock-cut caves of Ajanta, India as test sites to explore the spatial possibilities and to code them as chemical signals, codes to include philosophical messages of Buddha.
– Re-incarnating the rock-cut cave though chemical code into different time, space and region as a cultural crossbreed.

– Project enables meeting cultures of India and England (once again!), reminding people of today and near future about necessity to reflect upon their life and mind space. In the era of extreme capitalism the project provides opportunity for momentary pause to many who have become nuts and bolts of the giant machine. (Or who are choosing to become one soon…)
– Drivers of the project is neither capital nor religion (otherwise as it has always been), the project uses both effectively to establish itself but spreads the message that neither of these historical driving factors may help us anymore, the needs of tomorrow cannot be satisfied with extremities of money and god.
– Project co-exists at two sites, becomes a channel for exchanging cultures, built materials and spatial experience. West goes to India and India dispatches preaching of Buddha to west.
– Building blocks reuse carbon dioxide for constructive purpose.

– Protocells are employed to map the existing caves, they understand the materiality of the objects and rework when any detail is found to be overly religious. They reconfigure the solids in complex geometries and save information as a chemical code. ( three dimensional chemical code mappings as drawings )
– Exploiting The Cave, Curry, Carbon dioxide, Credit Crunch, Climate Change and the Chemical Codes as drivers for architecture.
– ??? set of drawings as time based narratives of a British archaeologist stumbling upon the undiscovered cave of Ajanta and bringing along the strangely shaped pieces of rocks to England ( seed crystals of magnesium carbonate ) and placing them in abandoned tube station. The code unfolds and recreates the spatial conditions, self growing using light, water and rock… unfolding to give a meditative space, philosophies of Buddha take built form, recalling his efforts to find “truth for human beings” and informing “desire is cause of all illness” ???


~ by Dharmesh on February 12, 2010.

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