Dharmesh Thakker

I am a student of Architecture, photographer and frequent traveller… my blog is about myself, my thoughts and my experiences of daily life.. I live in Mumbai, INDIA.

Updated on 20th october 2009: i am studying master of architecture at Bartlett School of architecture, london UK. This blog will be about my experiences and adventures in britland.. 😉


10 Responses to “Dharmesh Thakker”

  1. Hi Dharmesh,

    I wanted to use one of your IIM photos- which I think is really good – with an article on higher education in Biblio: A Review of Books, a review magazine published by the Biblio Trust, a non-profit organisation, and wanted your permission to do so.

    Can’t figure out another way to reach you, so I hope you will reply.



  2. hi brinda,

    i would be glad to help you out.. just drop me your email address and also let me know which photo you wanted to use.


  3. Hi Dharmesh,
    I am working on a documentary on the Mumbai Blasts. I would like to get in touch with you to talk about my project. My email id is bhaskars@miditech.tv.

  4. I want to buy a link on your site. If you are interested please mail me asap on the email address provided. Thanks.

  5. Hi Dharmesh, just got your blog address from Flickr group. Enthusiast photographer and analyst by profession. Loved your blogs. Great Photography. Keep pOsting

  6. Hi,

    I’m Ashwin, a fellow blogger, and I’m working at a Market Research c/o… Cross-tab Marketing (www.cross-tab.com).

    We’re currently conducting a study about bloggers from Bombay. And we’d like you to be a part of this study. As an additional incentive, we’ll be paying you as well.

    What you’ll have to do is login to a blog hosting website, and blog for seven consecutive days, about a specific topic.

    Please let us know if you’re interested. We’d like to give you a call and discuss this furthur.


  7. Hi,
    I am a student of developmental economics and love documentary photography. I go to school in NY but I’m from Frankfurt Germany.
    In about two weeks I will come to Mumbai for a month
    to shoot pictures relating to Urban development and
    the situation of the urban poor (especially
    during the monsoon season.) I am still looking for
    contacts and possibilities to shoot pictures and learn
    more about the city. I looked at you blog and flickr pictures and thought I should contact you.
    This might seem random but if you would be interested to shoot some photos together or to go and investigate some specific topic of mutual interest, let me know.
    My email is leegert[at]union.edu

  8. Mr.Thakker
    I would like to get your permission to use your photograph “Urban Couple” for the cover art on a CD by my band “Comedy of Terrors”. Thh disc title is “Satellites an Angels’ and your photo of 2 crows on a dish is stunningly appropriate. Our commercial prospects are poor as this is all self produced but we would like to put together an artistically compelling package nonetheless. If it wouls be possible tuse you work OR not – please let me know. Thank You -Tobert Swanson

  9. hey dharmesh..trying to reach you…but you don´t log in since..2009? Plese sey hi, via my emaill

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